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Take it in, mash it all about, come up with new ideas…

Almost before I even got started, I hit a road block of doubt. The blog Because I Can recently discussed the micro-attacks invited by having an opinion whilst being a woman, such as this one:

My favourite phrase (referring to the proliferation of blogs/social media) is “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should!”

As much as I admire your new adventures it’s a big like those who write blogs about being pregnant/unemployed/married etc – it’s tricky but nothing new/unique and therefore should be confined to a personal diary.

Otherwise it’s just attention seeking.

Sorry 🙂 x

Lisa, who writes Because I Can, goes on to tell us that she’s simply more determined to share her opinion, the more shushing she gets, but I had the opposite reaction, thinking of this particular blog. I hadn’t thought of this blog as attention-seeking, and that gave me pause. I was hoping for some validation, actually: I was hoping for the “Me, too” that Hands Free Mama keeps talking about – the validation of finding someone else who’s gone through the same thing.

But then today, I’ve come across this on John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever, written by Felicia Day, in a piece about her new book, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), a memoir. She had a great deal of trouble focusing on herself for so long:

My constant inner monologue was, “Who the hell do you think you are, chickie?” But the thing that got me through was realizing that the point of creating is not about ourselves, it’s about everyone around us. How we change others in small ways or large with what we make.

The satisfaction came from other people taking what I made, crushing it into their own a psychic ball and mashing around in their heads, only to come out later in a repurposed form for their own uses. Whether just to share “this made me laugh” in an internet comment, or spur them to create a whole world of their own, impulse sparked by what I’d shared.

So when you think about creating, focus on the idea of adding to the collective Borg consciousness, if only to get over your own road blocks and make it easier to get your voice out there. Seeing how the things we express give other people the tools to fertilize the gardens of their own minds is beautiful. It’s kind of the point of being alive.

Right, that works for me – after all, mashing up what others have created into new things is what I do all the time – so I can get on with that theory.

And we also have this post in the same vein: do something.

Time to get to it, then!

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