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Thoughts Tumble Out…

I’m in the midst of a deep identity crisis, working out who I am and am not, what I am and am not, from the ground up. What baggage I carry with me, how to rid myself of what I don’t want, how to keep what I like, how to acquire the stuff I want — and how to decide what stuff I want.

I’m going to pick apart every known and accepted bit of received wisdom, about every society I know or learn about, as well as myself, my family, my upbringing, and so on. I’m going to apply my analytical mind to breaking these assumptions down and seeing them for what they are, piece by piece, so as to do what I always aim to do: take what works for me, and leave what doesn’t. I’m doing this in my diary for now, but I thought I’d do some of it here, since I like to blog, too.

Naturally, names – including the site name and url – are subject to change on a whim, as I suss out my identity afresh.

If you’ve managed to stumble across this somehow, you’re welcome to follow along – come along for the ride – if you dare.

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